FBombs! Handy Manners Guide

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any. ” — Fred Astaire

Ros Marsden authors the essential manners book every parent should gift their teenager -

F...Bombs!  The Handy Manners Guide to Make Your Life Easier

A fun, celebrity packed book that makes sense of today's tough world.

Social media attack - Australian law fines $105,000



If you think you're immune on social media, think again.  A 20 year old NSW man has just been ordered to pay $105,000 for harrassing a NSW school teacher on Twitter and Facebook.  It's the first defamation of its type to go to full trial in Australia and a serious reminder that you need to think before you write in a public space.  Even though the young man had only a small following his comments were not acceptable.

Read the full report here.