FBombs! Handy Manners Guide

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any. ” — Fred Astaire

Ros Marsden authors the essential manners book every parent should gift their teenager -

F...Bombs!  The Handy Manners Guide to Make Your Life Easier

A fun, celebrity packed book that makes sense of today's tough world.

F...Bombs! Handy Manners Guide to Make Your Life Easier - the friendly manners book every parent should give their teenager

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F...Bombs! Handy Manners Guide is the new bible for anyone raising a teenager or hanging out with rude adults. 

It's not about etiquette, it's about good, old-fashioned courtesy. Thinking about others. 

F...Bombs! takes off where Toddler Taming stops.  A book to navigate teenagers 12 and up through those clumsy, awkward years when you're trying to work out your personal values. 

F...Bombs! tackles manners topics like mobile use, dress code, shopping courtesy, cultural differences, home chores, public transport behaviour through to what to do with your mucus and leaving the toilet clean!

It's light, it's fun and jam-packed with celebrity photos that will make you smile. Designed in bite-sized sections for a quick browse just like a Facebook post or Twitter post.  

Make 2014 the year of making nice people everywhere.  It's as simple as that! 

Order F...Bombs! Handy Guide to Manners from all good book stores or from Wilkinson Publishing