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14 year old girl removed for bad manners

There is no place for rudeness in any sporting event and certainly no place for racial abuse against sporting players who work hard to entertain us.

The young 14 year old girl removed from the Collingwood football match at Friday night's match in Australia must have felt embarrassed and humiliated.  She had apparently shouted racial abuse to Adam Goodes from the spectator stand and officials asked her to leave the match.

Maybe this is what we need more of.  Good old-fashioned discipline - cause and effect.  You do the wrong thing and you're denied the fun of attending the remainder of the game you paid money to enjoy.   

This was a good disciplinary move.  But let's make sure that we don't show bad manners as a society by continuing to punish this very young teenager.  Eddie McGuire, President of Collingwood Football Club put it best: 

 "You never know maybe this little girl is feeling like the whole world's  falling on top of her and we have to look after her as well," McGuire said.

"It's not about putting people before the firing squad, it's about educating  people and while we're all angry in the first instance it's like watching your  kids when they do something wrong.

"You're angry at the start then you educate them, give them a cuddle and we  can all grow from it."

Let's hope this young woman has learnt from her error and can grow taller as she learns that good manners will make her a strong adult.  

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